In a galaxy where the secrets of interstellar travel have been lost to time and primitive species war over ancient technology, players must band together to stop an encroaching threat to the galaxy. 

Phantom Epoch is a fully cooperative 1–4 player roleplaying board game with tactical combat and a persistent world that blends sci-fi and fantasy themes. 

In a choice-driven 40+ mission campaign, players will:
  • Traverse multiple planets.
  • Uncover new technology.
  • Discover the true nature of their enemy.

Join us on Discord to introduce yourself to the team, find a group to play with, or show us all your memes. Or, read some Dev Diaries on BoardGameGeek.

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A wide range of character choices, including human and alien species which can be combined with a diverse set of classes, allows players to create and grow their own characters to match their own play style. Legacy features (without the destruction of components) mean that as you play through the campaign, you will open new boxes and gain new enhancements to further improve your Characters.